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Top 3 Presentation Apps for the iPad

While Android tablets continue to gain speed ( and market share) against Apple it still remains the case that iPads dominate many classrooms.  Because of this educators are always looking for more ways to take advantage of these mobile devices.  Last year I did on post on How to Present with an iPad that focused on ways to use your iPad as a presentation tool.  This focused mostly on ways to connect to your iPad to a projector or TV to present content to students.  The post did not do a very good job at listing solid alternative apps for PowerPoint or Keynote however.  In this post I want to share 3 that I use depending on the situation.

1. SlideShark – I’m not a fan of bullet point after bullet point on slides, but I do still enjoy using PowerPoint.  I think it is just because I have become so comfortable using it over the years and have discovered several advanced features that allow me to make content engaging.  Unfortunately I haven’t found many iPad apps that allow me to present a PowerPoint the way I intended it to work.  So far the best option I’ve come across is SlideShark.  SlideShark allows me to upload presentations (100MB of storage is free, additional storage is available for a fee) and display them from my iPad.  What I enjoy most about the app is that it allows me to broadcast my slides in real time to others and it works on iPads and iPhones.  I recently found myself handing over my iPad to a small group of people and using my iPhone to control the presentation.  It was very effective and much more efficient that opening and powering up my PC.

2. Prezi – I find that many people are getting away from slideshow programs like PowerPoint and Keynote altogether.  I think this is a wise decision for many because it prevents the boring bullet pointed slides I mentioned earlier.  One of the most popular web based solutions to replace slideshows is Prezi.  What some may not know is that Prezi now has an app that allows you to access your saved Prezi’s to present from the iPad or even create new Prezi’s (note that at this time creating new Prezi’s from the iPad is more limited than creating them from a computer).  I recommend Prezi for two reasons:  The first is that it is a great alternative for delivering presentations.  I find audiences really engage with it.  The second is that you can create them on a computer (with a mouse and keyboard) then simply access them via the app.  No uploading required.

3. Haiku Deck – Haiku Deck is pretty much PowerPoint or Keynote for the iPad.  I like this particular app for presentations I want to design completely on the iPad.  My favorite things about the app are that it is simple to use, has great templates, and it promotes solid presentation principles (i.e. limited text with engaging images and no bullet points).  Oh yeah, and it’s free.

So these are the three presentation tools I use on the iPad, but I know there are more out there.  What are your favorites?

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Jason has trained thousands on Assistive Technology and Universal Design for Learning concepts throughout the United States and beyond. His focus is on integrating research based practices into the work he does and helping others ensure that what they are doing works. He specializes in assisting people to bridge the gap between operation of technology and actual implementation. Jason is a published author, has taught Instructional Technology and Universal Design for Learning at the University level, and spends a significant amount of time on e-Learning and blended learning initiatives. He is a graduate of the Assistive Technology Applications Certificate Program (ATACP) from California State University at Northridge and holds a Masters in Business Administration. Currently Jason serves as Product Marketing Manager for North America at Texthelp Inc. where he oversees new product launches and speaks nationally on a variety of Assistive Technology topics.

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