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5 Web Based Graphic Organizers

In last week’s post I discussed the importance of graphic organizer strategies and provided one specific strategy called “List – Group – Label” that I’ve used often in a variety of content areas.  The purpose of this post is to take a closer look at a few graphic organizer tools that can be used with those strategies.

Screenshot of Graphic Organizer

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New Season, New Technology

8632193623From iPads and tablets to iTunes and Google, the season of getting new technology on Christmas day is upon us.  For those who are tech loving educators, tis the season to hope for the latest technology under the tree from family members and loved ones who want to help support our “habit” (especially in a time when school budgets are tighter than ever). After the presents are unwrapped and your new device is fully charged, there are 3 ideas to consider before the holidays are over. Read more →

Using PowerPoint to Create Guided Notes

This post is meant to piggyback on our last two posts, so if you have read my post on finding copyright free images, or Jason G’s post last week on using guided notes, you may want to start there. You will find that we recommend replacing text heavy PowerPoint slides with visually engaging slides and using guided notes. Guided notes help to ensure students capture the most important information accurately and that they are paying attention during lectures (by having them fill in the blanks).

If you have a 32 slide presentation that you use during your lecture it may be a little overwhelming to think about replacing all the content with images and then creating guided notes to accompany it. The purpose of this post is to make the process as efficient as possible.

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Guided Notes

Last week, Jason C. shared some great resources for finding images along with design principles worth considering (find the post here). One item he discussed was the amount of text to include on a slide. His suggestion was “as little as possible”. When we think about this in the classroom, it may cause a little discomfort. After all, if we don’t have all the information on the slide how will they get it? I’m glad you asked! I recommend a strategy that has some evidence in the educational literature and allows you to use good slide design principles.  Read more →

Copyright Free Images

In a session last week I talked about the importance of using effective slides when teaching content to students using applications such as PowerPoint.  Unfortunately, templates in these applications have led us to believe that it is okay to fill a slide with a title followed by 7 lines of text.  While this may be okay if the goal is to print the presentation and use as a handout, it can have the opposite effect when using during lecture.  The reason being is that we tend to show a slide and then discuss it.  When this occurs, students are either listening to you speak or reading the slide, not both.

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