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Haiku Deck: An App that Facilitates Good Presentation Design

Last week Jason Carroll shared 3 presentation apps for the ipad. Though there are many many more (and we’ll keep sharing them), I wanted to dig a little deeper into Haiku Deck. As he mentioned, Haiku Deck naturally leads you through good presentation design principles. This is important to highlight as you may have heard us say at conferences that “great technology requires great strategy to make a difference.” This still holds true with your presentation.

What are these design principles? You can go all over the map with this question, but what I’m specifically referencing is the visual layout of the slide deck. A great place to get started in the design aspect is with the book Slide:ology by Nancy Duarte. We completely redesigned every slide deck we ever used at a conference since reading this book.  It is well worth the investment of your time.

After you read this book (it is a quick read), then you are ready to create. That is where Haiku Deck comes in. This app takes the presentation design approach of limited text and powerful images (like communicated in slide:ology) and makes it simple for any non-designer or person with limited technology skills to create. One major bonus is access to thousands of images for use in their app. This alone is worth downloading the app.

Currently this app is free (with some premium features that cost). You can create the presentations only on the ipad, but once created your work can be viewed on any device with a web browser.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts on powerful slide design this presentation app.

About Jason Gibson

Jason Gibson is a learning and behavioral consultant working with schools and treatment facilities across the US supporting children and adolescents with cognitive, social, emotional and behavioral issues. His focus is on practical implementation of research informed practices to increase outcomes for learners with and without disabilities. With degrees in psychology, social work, and education, Jason’s peer-reviewed research has been published in journals such as “Topics in Early Childhood Special Education”, “Closing the Gap”, and “Education and Treatment of Children with Developmental Disabilities”. He is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Kentucky writing his dissertation on the Efficacy of Online Professional Development to Increase Implementation of Stimulus Preference Assessments. In addition to his consulting work, Jason is the director of the BabbCenter and provides guidance to one of the leading counseling centers that operates from a faith-based perspective. Jason grew up in Titusville, FL and prior to moving to the Nashville area, made central Kentucky his home for 8 years.

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