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Practice-based Evidence: Identifying What Works in YOUR Classroom

Over the past few weeks, Jason C. and I have been writing about how to find and understand evidence-based practices for the classroom. Especially when considering the application of technology during instruction, the reality is that it is impossible for researchers to keep pace with innovation (I originally discussed that phenomenon briefly here). With that in mind, what are we to do?

Microscope looking closely at a subject

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Wayback Machine: A True Internet Archive

There have been a few times that I have come across a dead web link to a site that having access to would have been incredibly beneficial to my research and writing.  I came across a great tool that you (or your learners) can use when conducting research in the writing process. This tool is a web site named the Way Back Machine, you can find it here.

This site is an enormous internet archive of the internet from 1996 to current. It is pretty straightforward. You type in the web address (preferably copy and paste the link) you are wanting to view into the Wayback Machine search window and click the “Take me back” button. This will take you to a calendar that you can click on to connect with what you are wanting to find. Though it may not retain the visual layout of the original site, the text is there.

Don’t let links that go nowhere stifle you any longer!WayBack_Machine