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The Importance of Using Digital Materials in the Classroom

Over the last few years digital content such as educational websites, electronic textbooks, and online journals have become more available to classrooms than ever before. Unfortunately increased availability does not always equal increased use. Despite the number of iPads, Chromebooks, and other devices in schools today the amount of print based material remains roughly the same. Reasons for this vary, but understanding the importance of having digital materials available can go a long way in helping classrooms make the transition.

Digital Materials flying out of computer

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How to know your intervention is working

A unique aspect of our work as a therapist, educator, or clinician is identifying the place between what we “think” is happening and what we “know” is happening in regards to client progress. The only way to make this jump from feeling to fact is to dive head first into the dreaded “D” word. You know what I am referring to…data. Last week I shared how to leverage a tech tool to duplicate yourself. This week I will show you how to use this same tool to create data collection forms that will efficiently inform your practice with much less effort. collecting intervention data

When I started my work 15 years ago this “D” word consisted of paper forms, pencils, and calculators. Eventually there was a shift to using Microsoft Excel to manipulate the data as wider access to computers was provided. Now we have moved forward to cloud based tools. One of the most simple to use tools at our fingertips is google forms (and it’s free!).  Here are 4 steps to getting in deep with data to drive your intervention. Read more →

How to duplicate yourself in the classroom

One of the most difficult parts of being an educator, therapist, or interventionist is that you need to be everywhere at once. Especially considering the ideal learning environment is one that is designed around the specific needs of each student. The reality is when you have 5 students or 50, this ideal can be difficult to practically attain day in and day out. I’ve got an idea that will allow you to be in multiple places at once, delivering specific feedback to student performance, and it’s painless!

Rear view of class raising hands

This idea is creatively developing a form within Google Drive. Google drive is a free tool that is within any google account you have (if you have gmail you have this). If your district is a Google Apps for Education district, then you have access too. This feature allows you to develop a virtual teacher that will give feedback and reteaching right when your learner needs it. Here is a quick video from the Google for Education page on how to create forms. Now that you know the nuts and bolts of form creation, here is the strategy.

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