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The technology crazy cycle: implementing educational technology successfully

I’ve come to the realization that one of the largest gaps in education is the distance between an idea and the actual implementation of that idea. You know…the length of time, required effort, and necessary collaboration needed to get something done in the school setting? If you are working in or with a school district, you have experienced this gap and know the frustrations that this can bring. Though there are quite a few of these implementation gaps worthy of highlighting (don’t worry, we will do more over time), we are diving in to the technology implementation process and where things go wrong (that informs how to do it right). This technology implementation process typically looks like this.

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Collecting Classroom Data – Great Example!

Last week Jason G shared some methods on how to collect your own classroom data to learn if a particular strategy is working. In this post I will be taking things a step further by sharing an example from a classroom I worked with that did just that.

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Practice-based Evidence: Identifying What Works in YOUR Classroom

Over the past few weeks, Jason C. and I have been writing about how to find and understand evidence-based practices for the classroom. Especially when considering the application of technology during instruction, the reality is that it is impossible for researchers to keep pace with innovation (I originally discussed that phenomenon briefly here). With that in mind, what are we to do?

Microscope looking closely at a subject

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Pardon our dust as we are building something great!

Ooops! Yesterday, we accidentally sent out a repeat of last week’s post. I know you were as shocked as we were to receive information that was a week old! So the cat is out of the bag, we are officially Under Constructionknocking the dust off the old blog to improve, expand, and enhance what we do. I hope that (unintentionally) we’ve built some anticipation about what may happen next. Over the next few months, we have some exciting things in store. So until we get all our ducks in a row, please overlook our imperfections and jump straight to the incredible content that we have always delivered.

Many thanks!

Jason G.

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