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When Searching for Evidence-based Practices, This is What You’ll Find


In the pursuit of research to support and inform our work, finding relevant material is the first hurdle to clear. Jason C. tackled this task through sharing practical suggestions on how to use Google Scholar to locate this research. Once you start digging through search results, it can be pretty overwhelming trying to determine what is good and what is not. There are a few things to know when combing through your search results. Read more →

Using Google Scholar to Locate Research Based Practices

In the first post of the new year this blog discussed the importance of ensuring that technology and strategies used in classrooms are based on research.  While research doesn’t always keep up with the latest technology, it is still necessary to know what works and modify it as needed to fit your setting.

So where do you find research? While several options exist, including professional development opportunities or academic libraries you may have access to, one of the most exhaustive resources available is Google Scholar.  In this post I will share what Google Scholar is and some tips to help with its navigation.

Google Scholar Homepage

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Framing Routine: A High Powered Graphic Organizer

Last week Jason C. shared 5 great examples of web-based graphic organizers that you can use with your learners. With those tools in mind, here is another great instructional strategy using a graphic organizer that you can use to help your learners:

  • recall key information
  • understand the relationship between the main ideas and associated details
  • summarize the main idea of the passage

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5 Web Based Graphic Organizers

In last week’s post I discussed the importance of graphic organizer strategies and provided one specific strategy called “List – Group – Label” that I’ve used often in a variety of content areas.  The purpose of this post is to take a closer look at a few graphic organizer tools that can be used with those strategies.

Screenshot of Graphic Organizer

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