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Graphic Organizer Strategies

Over the last couple of weeks Jason G has done an excellent job of explaining the lens we look through when providing assistance to others.  In his first post of the new year he discussed the three components that almost every post we share will revolve around: Technology, Strategy and Research.

Today’s post is going to focus on the strategy piece that accompanies Graphic Organizers.  If you aren’t familiar with Graphic Organizers, they are basically a way to demonstrate knowledge, or communicate information in a visual way.

Graphic Organizer Screenshot

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Does Research drive Practice, or Practice drive Research?

One of my committee chairs in grad school was an incredible innovator in developing and evaluating instructional practices for diverse learners. One day he began (once again) talking about the importance of implementing with fidelity (aka doing the procedure correctly) educational practices validated in the literature.  Then he asked a very important question, “does research drive practice, or practice drive research?”. Read more →

The Foundation of Student Achievement

In closing out 2013, Jason C and I spent time reflecting on the driving themes behind our work. We wanted to capture the essential components of everything we do from webinars to workshops, keynotes to publications. There is no surprise in what we found about our pursuit of student achievement. It is still the same today, as it was in the beginning.

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