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Top Posts from 2013

To wrap things up for the year I decided to list the top 5 posts from 2013 (according to Google).  While many of us are in New Year’s resolution mode, this could serve as an opportunity to choose a strategy or tool that others have found useful and plan to give it a try in 2014.  For those of you that have subscribed, or checked in every week to read our posts, we truly appreciate it.  You are the reason we continue to make posts each week.  If you would like to see more or less of something in the new year please leave a comment and let us know.

Top 2013 Posts Graphic


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New Season, New Technology

8632193623From iPads and tablets to iTunes and Google, the season of getting new technology on Christmas day is upon us.  For those who are tech loving educators, tis the season to hope for the latest technology under the tree from family members and loved ones who want to help support our “habit” (especially in a time when school budgets are tighter than ever). After the presents are unwrapped and your new device is fully charged, there are 3 ideas to consider before the holidays are over. Read more →

Electronic Student Response Systems

Last week Jason G. wrote about a practical low tech way to use response cards in the classroom. This week I wanted to expand on Jason’s post by listing a few digital supports that can also provide a method for students to quickly demonstrate their content knowledge.

students raising hands

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Response Cards: Practical Tips

We have spent that past few weeks diving into guided notes. A strategy that can be a solid support in your classroom. In addition to guided notes, another top tier strategy to implement immediately is response cards. I wrote a post previously about using response cards (here). It is one of my favorite strategies with a substantive research base that can make an immediate impact in any classroom across all content areas. Here is a practical idea how to move this idea from concept to the classroom.  Read more →