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Engaging Learners through Organizing

A few weeks ago I shared how I categorize my apps for use with learnersAs a behavior interventionist, I have seen over and over that when students are engaged in learning, they are not engaged in misbehavior. That is why apps that Engage is one of the four categories I use for learning environments.  One of the “must do” interventions for engaging learners is helping them have a system for all of the material and information that is entailed in being a student. For years, I would teach learners to organize their materials in a binder with the following:

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Haiku Deck: An App that Facilitates Good Presentation Design

Last week Jason Carroll shared 3 presentation apps for the ipad. Though there are many many more (and we’ll keep sharing them), I wanted to dig a little deeper into Haiku Deck. As he mentioned, Haiku Deck naturally leads you through good presentation design principles. This is important to highlight as you may have heard us say at conferences that “great technology requires great strategy to make a difference.” This still holds true with your presentation.

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Top 3 Presentation Apps for the iPad

While Android tablets continue to gain speed ( and market share) against Apple it still remains the case that iPads dominate many classrooms.  Because of this educators are always looking for more ways to take advantage of these mobile devices.  Last year I did on post on How to Present with an iPad that focused on ways to use your iPad as a presentation tool.  This focused mostly on ways to connect to your iPad to a projector or TV to present content to students.  The post did not do a very good job at listing solid alternative apps for PowerPoint or Keynote however.  In this post I want to share 3 that I use depending on the situation.

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Word Clouds in Education

Word Clouds are more popular than ever. They frequently appear in social media posts, advertisements and everywhere in between. If you aren’t familiar with a word cloud, it is basically a graphical representation of text based content. Relevant words that are used more in the text appear larger. They attempt to provide an aesthetically pleasing graphical summary of what the text is saying. Here’s an example of a Word Cloud I created from a question I posted on Facebook and Twitter (I asked people to list two qualities of a great teacher):Image of Word Cloud

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