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Apps to Use for Video Self Modeling

Video self modeling is a great intervention strategy to use in a variety of settings to increase student behavioral success. Jason Carroll wrote a few great posts here and here in the past that are a great start to get an idea of what this is all about. If you want to read a recent meta-analysis of this strategy here’s a link to the article (it costs) and here’s a link to a great summary (it’s free!) that gives you the main nuts and bolts.

When considering the initial media equipment that was used in the early years of video self modeling, we have come a long way. Fortunately we have been able to trade in our VCR tapes for mobile devices! Here are 2 great apps that I have used to create video models:  iMovie and PuppetPals HD.

iMovie is a mainstream app that is a replication of the software available on Macs. With the app version of this tool you can record, edit, and deploy all from the same device. Using iMovie on my iPad, I’ve been able to make videos on the spot in almost any setting. With cases like LifeProof, you can even get them wet.

PuppetPals HD is actually an app that people (children mostly) use to create digital puppet shows. I’m sure the developers didn’t have VSM in mind during the development of this app. It is a free app, but if you upgrade (an in app purchase) then you can take pictures of people, objects, and settings and use these in the creation of the video. I have found this to be a helpful tool when creating a video model of a student that will not demonstrate the target behavior. Here’s a really simple example video created in this app.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts on using these apps to develop intervention media.

Universally Designed is now Systems of Support

Just a quick update regarding our blog if you are a subscriber… For years this blog has been referred to as Universally Designed.  Its purpose has always been to provide tips and tricks related to Assistive/Instructional Technology and Behavior.   The blog was part of our website, where we shared handouts and other materials used in keynotes, conference workshops, and webinars.  We have now decided to merge the two and call the blog Systems of Support.  This will allow us to continue to provide relevant information dedicated to helping educators succeed in the classroom while keeping all content in one location.

If you are a subscriber you will continue to receive weekly updates when new posts are made.  We know we’ve been a little behind lately on our postings, but the idea is that this transition will help us to once again make the blog a priority and deliver content you expect.

You will notice that the handouts and downloads on the resources page is now password protected. As always, that content is free so no worries about that! If you are already subscribed to our blog, then you will receive an email in the coming days with the password for the resources page. If you are new to the site, subscribe to our blog and once you confirm, you will automatically receive the password get access.

-The Jasons