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Monthly Archives: December 2011

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My Social Media Plan

This plan will probably fail miserably, but my goal is to drastically increase my usage of social media for finding and disseminating resources in 2012.  I try to  provide resources related to Assistive and Instructional Technology (and just plain old best practices) weekly  (starting in January) through this blog, and now will attempt to do so in 140 characters or less through twitter.  Ideally I will tweet a resource a day (or at least week day) startin in January.  These resources will include blog posts, product reviews, websites, other twitter users to follow and more.

I plan to use Google+ for this as well since it has some great features, but I’m still trying to work through a few privacy issues with it.  In the mean time, you can find me on twitter at

Updated Posts beginning in January

I apologize to those of you who take time to visit this blog from time to time and have found no new information.  I have turned into a road warrior lately and have had the opportunity to be working in locations from Alaska to Spain.  I realize the importance in keeping an up to date blog with fresh ideas and information however and will resume weekly posts (at a minimum) beginning in January.   I look forward to connecting with everyone in the near future.

– Jason C.